questions on tea & etiquette

can alcohol be served?

Yes, while Simon cannot sell or provide alcohol he can certainly serve it. There is a $25 fee for this service which can be selected at the time of booking. Glassware is not provided. Simon holds a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate and has a duty of care to stop serving alcohol at his discretion should the need arise. Proof of age may also be requested prior to the beginning of this service even if the event is held in a private home.

social media & confidentiality?

Your occasion is yours to capture and share as you wish. Simon is happy to take photos with any phone/camera you provide. He will not take photos or make any recordings of your event with his own phone/camera without your express permission. Conversation among guests at all times remains confidential and Simon is happy to sign an agreement to that effect should you or your business require.

is tea & etiquette only available in private homes?

Tea & Etiquette is available in any setting,  private home or corporate office with suitable space for set up, service and access to a power supply. 

will Tea & Etiquette travel beyond Launceston?

Absolutely, please contact Simon via email or telephone before making your booking to discuss any additional travel and associated fees that may be incurred.

is tea & etiquette for children?

No, Tea & Etiquette does not offer children's tea parties. Simon appreciates younger family members may be present for your event but at all times the child or children are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. 

will geeves arrive at the door?

Simon provides a contemporary style of service and dresses accordingly; shirt, trousers and apron. He will not be arriving in black tie and morning coat. Should your event have a dress code please inform him at the time of booking.